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8800gt,701Mhz @ 78°C --> should I go further?

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hey all

I'll keep it short

I have a stock Oc'd 8800gt of MSi (660Mhz, 950Mhz memory and 1650Mhz shader) which ran up to 96°C with stock fan at 29% under load.

I further OC'd it, 701Mhz core, 1752Mhz Shader (linked with core), and 1004Mhz memory. I put the fan at 100%.

In furmark, I did the stability test.
1280*1024, No MSAA, Xtreme Burning mode (supposed to 'xtremely' stress the core) and ran it for 1 hour.

It maxed out at 78°C.

therefore my question is: shoudld I overclock it further? 78°C isn't alot, and I already noticed a nice increase in performance. I am using this overclokc solely for games, so the fan won't be running at 100% 24/7.

How far do you guys think I can go

(I'm a real rookie to this lol, but I hope I can increase this card a bit more)

thanks in advance
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k, that's no problem then.

Why do I need to further voltmod it? I use EVGA precision.
isn't that going to let me go beyond 700?
I've heard of 700max before somewhere, but I didn't know it was for the 8800gt.

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thanks Izvire


Is it possible to voltmod it with the evga utility (I know it is supposed for 200series, and evga). And would it be possible to do this on the stock cooling?

If so, what is a nice voltage? and what core sped can I reach with it.

Thanks in advance

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yep volt mod.

you sure I can't do it on stock cooling? I don't want to spend alot more on this 8800gt.
any chance there are voltmodding utilities that allow me to voltmod without have to solder etc.. :S
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