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8800gts low fps

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I have recently encountered some trouble with my 8800gts, 512mb regarding FPS. I usually have a steady 299 FPS in Counter-Strike: Source (value set: FPS_MAX 300). Suddenly my FPS dropped to a constant 60 the other day and FPS_MAX has not been changed. I had recently tampered with some of the game oriented video settings just before the problem occurred.

So I deleted my configuration file so steam would replace it with the default. Still no success. Installed the latest drivers in the hopes it might have been a driver error. Still no success. Any ideas short of a reinstall?

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Truthfully, you will not see any real difference between 299fps and 60fps as far as how the game plays.
Well if you cant remember what you changed, than a game re-install may fix the issue. Sometimes when you change the smallest thing in a game video setting you make it unbearable. Do you remember your previous settings at all?
dont worry your eyes are very limited to 60fps
Vsync is most likely enabled.
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I am unfailiar with CS and the settings, but it sounds like vsynch to me.

Also, different people can register different FPS's. For the most part, you will never notice anything above 50-60, but the reason many people think the max a human can see is due to motion blur.
Well I am aware that I cannot view anymore frames than my monitor can display. However, I have noticed some awkward happening such as people shooting me from around a corner before I could see them.

You were correct sir! It was indeed the vertical sync. I thank you, askthem1, and dralb!
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