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I have a few 8800GTS's G92's one EVGA and another Zotac and a third I'm not sure what. They weren't run for very long as it was a pain and they've just been sitting here. I also have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with windows XP 2005 sticker/code, and a centrino sticker, its hard drive is broken and therefore will not come with the laptop to also protect data. Worked fine previous to failure and comes with charger is a 15.4".

Edit* Just used the service tag to see what the configuration is, this is what I got
1H5897Assembly,Cable,Coaxial,Liquid Crystal Display,15.4,6000
1JD559Liquid Crystal Display 15.4WXGA,Video Elec. Stds. Assoc.,CPT
1Y5995Bezel,Plastic,Liquid Crystal Display,15.4,Notebook,6000
1F8834Assembly,Adapter,Alternating Current,65W,19.5V,Delta - Ac Adapt,World Wide
1H5639Keyboard,87,United States England,Single Pointing,Sullivan/tobago
1F2951Kit,Cord,Flat,3F,D3W/3P Proposition 65,United States
1G5845Hinge,Cover,Plastic,Inspiron 6000
1XC804Processor,80536,PMD,725,PGA TJ85C,C0
1DF965Kit,Software,Overpack,Windows XP,MCE05U,Digital Video Disk Drive,ENG
2C6332Dual In-line Memory Module 256,533,32X64,8K,200,512
1F5135Battery,Primary,11.1V,6C Lithium,SIMPLO
1G9051Assembly,Compact Disk Read Write/Digital Video Disk DriveCombo,24X,TSST,STB
18267RConnector,Header,2X22,F,2, Short,Gold,35K,Third Height,CS
1P8596Hard Drive,40G,9.5,5.4,ToshibaProteus,Lead Free
1CD940Kit,Software,Wordperfect,12 PLUS-TRIAL
1C9063Card,Network,MPCI,2200LF Not Applicable
1P6712Guide,Users Guide,Windows XP MCE2,Dimension/Inspiron
1D5925Heatsink,Central Processor Unit,Notebook,Sullivan
1F6902Assembly,Cover,Back,Liquid Crystal Display,Notebook,6000
6H5904Bumper,Liquid Crystal Display Rubber,ASLVR,6000
1X4474Guide,Product,Information Portable,AMF/BCC

I also have this tape backup device thing that comes with 6-7 20/40GB tapes, it uses a USB interface, and I have no idea how much it is worth.

Oh and I also have a 9800GTX 512mb EVGA with a Accelero S1 (the big one) cooler, and I also have the stock cooler to go with it as well.

I'm not sure how much these things are worth these days, if you could give me a breakdown and not just a lump sum I would be grateful thanks.

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8800s: $70 each
9800GTX: $85

Not sure about the laptop TBH

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For the 9800GTX, you can get $80 for it. For the 8800's you have, most I think you can get is $65-70 (shipped prices).

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Originally Posted by ZTR1760 View Post
and the other things?
I wish I knew buddy, they'd be mostly guesses.. That wouldn't help the situation
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