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8800gtx Nibitor voltage

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Hey guys I was looking around online for 8800gtx mods and whatnot and I ran into this.
What this one guy did was use nibitor to set his 8800gtx at 1.4v. He first opened the bios in nibitor then he went into tools and clicked the "Voltage Table Editor" and added a 1.4v value I believe. Do you think I can do the same thing with my card? (His was some XFX one and mines an EVGA version)
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you can try, but it's not guaranteed to work...the card needs to actually have does values available...otherwise it'll just use whatever voltage that VID has, doesn't matter if you call it 1.4v

check you voltage first, then flash it, and check to see if it actually changed
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Alright, I guess I can try that, only thing is, I'm scared as hell to touch a voltage meter cause I keep thinking I'm gonna short the card. I guess I'll just wait till I can grab a cheap backup card incase I mess this card up. But thanks for your help though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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