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88GT OC stability test

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I'm tryin to check the temps atm with furmark,56c min(out from gta 4
) and 82c max,80c atm.

I think its safe till 98c or something,right?

Hit 86 max,its safe till 105c if nvidia isnt lying.
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It's walking around 89-90c,it wont go up higher.
Away too high. What kind of cooling you have?
If it's with furmark then it's fine. Surprising the machine hasn't crashed yet. How hot does it get during games?
Ati tool says Delta 162 in 2 pixels or something,what is it? I could play GTA IV for 3-4 hours stable with these clocks..
Bump,i gotta sleep in mins so i need fast answer to this.I played 15mins without lack (GTA) then it got frozen and GTA IV didnt respond and it closed itself(Vista:Stopped working).

Should i lower my clocks?But i played 3-4 hours straight with these clocks it should be OK
Do you have your fan speed set to 100%?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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