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Tonight decided to do a little ol school benching with a Celly and a X48 board that although was not made to run one made an exception to the rule.....


turned out to be a pretty eventful night of benching

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Wow! Nice job.
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=o)~ good clock.
i soo wanted to call fake on this,but cant argue with that cpu validation.. nice one xD
That is pretty cool.
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i would say thats the first time ive seen a ddr3 capable mobo thats ocd over 8ghz *Gasps*
Wow! And I thought my old 352 was a sweet piece of Celery!

Originally Posted by Vlasov_581
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.....lol nice pci vga

hahaha...you like that?

That is my little 2D benching VGA. Never need to install drivers. Just run n gun

The CPU had no Coldbug so it was easy keeping the pot full the whole time. Ran about -175 idling..Was booting into windows at 7.9GHz. I am pretty sure it was an issue with the memory divider walling on me and not the CPU walling. I know there is more left in it.

Oh yeah, the board only boots at 200FSB. So I had to install windows at 5Ghz. Did not even bolt down the HS for it....

Thanks for the kind words guys
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7th place in the world
nice job man
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i thought pr0n was not allowed on this forum?... i dont care, 8ghz is a sexy number
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You know, I've got a P4 that is just itching to beat that 8GHz mark. 2.66GHz stock (133 FSB), hits 3.9GHz stable on a board that ONLY has FSB and memory divider options (no voltages or anything).
Very Nice!..
.. I tried running a 352 on a P45 and it was a no-go, glad yours worked out..
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Nice job, rep+
Damn, I wish I still had my Pentium 4 with it's 17x multiplier...
*jaw dropped* I almost can't wrap my head around that. Nice one man!
It's them D0 chips I tell yeah ... haha, hope to see you in the club soon, I'm @ 5.1ghz on my P4 on air, getting some DICE after finals and then LN2 next semester, too much going on with finals at the moment to do it this year.

Also, you should definitely think about submitting that validation to HWBOT.org for overclock.net's team
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