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9.1.1 bios srewup!

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hey guys and gals,

I need some help!
I flash my bios and now my OS will not load up. I tryed to go back nut I couldn't. Any help would be helpful! Thanks

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if you are saying that you screwed up the bios installation, then it is likely that your motherboard is now broken. If you didn't, then go into your cmos during bootup and make sure that your computer is set to boot from your hard drive, and all that jazz is in order, as a bios update will often reset all your cmos settings.
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Well, I am able to go back in the BIOS and change what I want. But the new version is not allowing my to boot in windows, not even in safe mode... So I was just wondering if there is anyway to go back to my old version?

To no suprise ASUS tech support does not even know how to fix this. They say that it is my OS that is bad...of course they would say that

Thanks for the help.
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Hmm, what is the exact error? I flashed my bios once and was unable to get into my os because it said i had some corrupt files, which was fixed (strangely enough) by clocking my ram down from ddr2 1066 to ddr2 800, its wierd things like that that sometimes end up being the solution.
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