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So what is the 9500GS equal too i heard it was a step up of 8600GT or more so the 8600GTS. Found one http://www1.canadacomputers.com/inde...id=VDC.243.390
Using this probably on my lan pc and probably doing some lan gaming @ 1024*768 - 1280*1024 so any thoughts?

Aiming to play The Sims 3 @ those res's
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Nvidia 9500GS thats new

I would reccomend a 9600GT GDDR3 more steam processor
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i already got my 9600GT
i'm probably gonna put this on my other pc which is what i'm saying.

also any links to benchies?
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Honestly, not even worth picking up in my opinion. You could add like 10-20$ and pick up a much better card, such as they 9600 GT.
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well my 9600GT was about 100 dollars when i got it
88 dollars about 3 months ago so i came across this.
I just picked it up not to long ago comes with solid caps, also VGA, HDMI & DVI.
512MB DDR2 and also gives a 5.7/5.1 compared to my 6.6 / 6.6 on my 9600GT
Also while doing some light gaming it gets about 67 degrees with the fan on 70%. Just wondering now what the max temp for this card would be.
Anyways it's now a folding card
and gonna be also used for light gaming on my other pc when doing LANS.
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