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9500GT + Vortexx Neo

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hey guys i have a vortexx neo kicking about and a 9500GT is it possible to modd it to fit the holes are the same fitment there is just a capacitor in the way but there is only a thin piece of aluminium that i could trim and it may fit is it all worth the hassle to get a couple of degrees and a nice blue glow?
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im thinking i could remove the silver bit cut it to shape and put it back?

Pic Cooler - http://pimpmycomp.net/recenzje/rec53/images/12.jpg

Pic GPU - http://www.skycomp.com.au/images/products/9400gt512.jpg
Looks like im just going to have to do it and see what happens! hope i dont fahook my GPU cooler!
moded it and works like a dream!!

al get pics up at some point!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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