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9600 GSO memory @ 400MHz?

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GPU-Z states that my EVGA Nvidia 9600 GSO 512 memory is running at 400 MHz stock.

Is this right?
Ive seen posts where people OC the 9600s memory to 1000 MHz.
Rivatuner only lets me select up to 600 MHz and if i try this the vid card freezes up.

GPU clock is @ 600 MHz
Shader clock @ 1500 MHz

Thanks for any help I can get.
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Is your model a DDR2 or DDR3 card?

If it is a DDR2, I wouldn't expect too much out of it as far as memory is concerned.
1024 MB, 128 bit DDR2

yeah i didnt realize there were 9600s with better memory.
I got it really cheap I'll get something better next time I guess.

Originally Posted by Nelson2011
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Yeah it looks like a ddr2 card and 48sp too lol

It's not as bad as you think, mine OC'd can beat a stock 96 SP model.

OP: You are lucky you got 600 MHz, but do some FurMark and it will probably artifact.

BTW, you have the same last name as me

My name is: Nicholas Lewandowski, lol.
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Originally Posted by deanlewandowski
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1024 MB, 128 bit DDR2

yeah i didnt realize there were 9600s with better memory.

As far as 9600GSO cards go, you have the slowest version.
The DDR2 really holds it back. It also has a different core architecture (G94) which is slightly slower than the earlier GSO cards had (G92).

I wouldn't worry too much, man. It is still a solid card, and will treat you well.
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firestormcomputers i tried your OC settings and it boosted my PCMark '06 setting a little bit.

I'll try these settings out tonight on World of Warcraft.
It is double data rate, so it will be 800MHz effective speed.
700/1750/500 settings seem to work so far...
...which technically means that you're running the memory stable at 1000mhz

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