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9600GT OC On A 350W PSU?

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Just as the title says xD I used psu calc and atm my comp is using 120W and if i changed my GFX to 9600GT it goes up 180W So i my question is would i be able to successfully use a 9600GT?
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my psu failing took a quad core and a motherboard with it. Luckily they were bought from a local shop because I am inpatient and don't like to wait for shipping, so they swapped them out for me. I don't think i'll ever buy over the internet again unless they are rediculously expensive. They just took my mobo and cpu that i bought two weeks before that back and gave me new ones no questions asked because they knew there were no physical signs of damage and they would eventually get credit from the manufacturer.

anyways i am getting a lil off trac here. I dont know if where you bought your gear from, but is it worth a mobo and cpu to cheap out and try that power supply?
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