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9600GT OC On A 350W PSU?

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Just as the title says xD I used psu calc and atm my comp is using 120W and if i changed my GFX to 9600GT it goes up 180W So i my question is would i be able to successfully use a 9600GT?
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350watt psu is extemely low wattage.

If you are going to be buying a 9600, I would first make sure its even compatible seeing as you have such a little psu, I would think your PC is outdated.

It may just run, I am not sure, but I would highly suggest looking towards a new PSU!

Heres a good one, that should be compatible with your overall system, the 9600 cards require a 6 pin pci-e power adapter, which that has. If you are going to want a nicer psu, I would go far a far nicer one then I pointed out, but its a good cheap one if you don't want to spend a lot.
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