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965 C3 question

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So I'm interested in buying a 965 be, C3 revision, however I'd like to know something before i pull the trigger. With the TDP being lowered to 125W, the C3 revision needs a bios update on the motherboards. So, my question is, if i were to buy a board that's current bios doesn't support the C3 revision, would i still be able to run the system (post?) just enough so that i could flash the bios to the newer version that supports the chip? I'm not really interested in sending the board to the manufacturer to get the bios updated as it could take awhile, and I don't have access to another AMD processor that i could use to run the system enough just for updating the bios. I've looked around for an answer and I haven't found a very consistent or conclusive answer, so i would appreciate your guy's help.
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Since the C3 isn't a huge archatectual change from the C2's it should still boot just fine. If you are worried about it maybe buy a cheap single core and use that as a backup cpu.
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