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9750 question

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ok so, i was in my bios because i was bored and wanted to get into overclocking, so i thoguht you couldnt overclock the 9750 but i found the option to increase the mhz currently set at 210 defualt. i also found the core multipler and the ram speed set at 200mhz *auto*

is there a way to over clock this cpu?

is there a guide to do it? or can someone right me a guide to do it, thanks.

rig specs in sig
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Welcome to the forum.
Some of the members here are probably smart enough to read your spec's & fire off an answer...
You really are better served by reading,re-reading every post on AMD,Phenom x4,etc.
The more you learn about this stuff the more fun it is...
Your bios is differentt than mine.
I built this rig(my actaul first ever)after TRYING to update a HP branded store bought that didn't come with a GPU.
I tried,I messed up,I reread instructions from a forum post that matched my search.
I fixed.
The quest was on!
I cheated,went and got a 965 + 880 MOBO-
Overclock per what I had read & had it up to 3.9 smooth sailing.
Then I wanted crossfire.
So I got a NEW MOBO 890variety with two 5770's
Then I got my first game-COD:WAW.
It's hooked up to my TV.
I got a controller,but prefer the Airmouse/KB(ha)
I can't really justify a 1090,but I'm reading about them...
I was able to get my 9750 to a stable,comfortable 2.8 very easily,and now I want a new MB for IT to get Crossfire.
Be ready to read & try-go for it!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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