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Having a problem getting a 980 strix card to work with my p9x79-E WS motherboard.
I kown the card is working, have tried it in another pc.
I know the rest of the pc is working, my old card works just fine.
I know my psu is big enough (1000w)
Have tried the 1501 bios, and the 1602 bios.
Have tried to clear cmos.
Have flashed the bios several times.
Have tried diffrent PCI-e slots
Have tried to force the pci slot to run at gen2, have tried to force it to run at gen3.

But no mather what i do, I end up with an qcode saing "b2"(62?) and the vga led on the mobo starts to light up(the one signalizing a problem with the gpu). And no image on the screen what so ever.

Have allso tried with another gpu at the same time.
Only 980, no post
980 and 680 no display connected, b2
980 and 680 display connected to 980, b2
980 and 680 display connected to 680, b2
Only 680, booted just fine
Only 760, booted just fine

TL;DR: 980 and p9x79-e ws not working together, error code b2.
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