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9800 GTX+ Air Cooling Advice Needed

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I was given 2 x 9800GTX+ GPUs. Heres the catch. They were water cooled, and I was not given the waterblocks as they where sold on ebay. I did not get the stock cooling, so basically just bare boards.

What would be a good selection for are cooling these guys. Air cooling is the only option, as I already have 50 other GPUs to babysit.

Something that looked cool would be nice, but not that important.
Any advice much appreciated.
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how about Accelero Twin Turbo for the 9800gtx+, except you might want to check if 2 would fit in SLI. Heard it can be a little tight.

Edit - the way it looks, they dont fit on 9 series - though they might
SVC.com currently have the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 (rev.2) on sale for $20. To do SLI you'll have to bend a couple fins away, or clip them. The Zerotherm GX810 is also a good cooler and much more compact, but a lot more expensive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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