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9800 GTX Sli Low fps on CoDMW2?

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Well i recently noticed that i can max out everything fine in cod Modern warfare 2, (except two of the texture quality options) and can maintain a steady 90 fps and it will never drop below 76 fps but whenever set all the texture quality settings to Extra i will drop as low as 21 fps sometimes but if i put the texture quality setting to the follow it never drops below 76fps:

Texture Resolution: Extra
Normal Map Resolution: High
Specular Map Resolution: High

Is anyone else having this problem i could put all the Resolution settings on Extra in cod4. I would think two 9800 GTX's can still pull this off.

Mobo Driver ver: 15.25
GFX Driver ver: 182.08
Anti-Aliasing: 4x
Anisotropic filtering: None
Resolution: 1680x1050

I can also max out the AA to 16xQ and the Anisotropic Filtering to 16x when the Map resolution options are on High and when Texture Resolution is on Extra.

- thanks for reading -
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Hi there, i'm currently maxxing it out on my GTX260's in SLI but frames do drop but only on the Scrapyard map when looking in a specific place. maybe somehing to do with coding?
Updated to the newest 195 driver and it also has gpu accelerated flash cant wait to try that out : ) But anyway nVidia did a very nice job with the 195 driver, theres a lot more flexibility in the control panel. I am able to use upto 8x AA and 4x Anisotropic filtering with all resolutions settings on Extra now. Lowest FPS drop I've seen is 47 with those settings but usually when a lot of explosions happen. I still get the Windows Vista is low on memory message but its really not low at all. Could it be referring to my 512mb's of vram possibly?
That's odd, I get max fps at 92 with all texture settings at extra at 1680x1050 and 2x AA and that with only a stock OC 8800GT
New drivers and download the SLI enhancement patch too, stupid question.. you are using a SLi bridge too correct?
Yup im using the sli bridge. I just noticed something strange today though when i opened Everest today it seems my voltages on some of my rails on the power supply are dropped below the specified voltage.
in this picture i noticed the voltage on my 12v rail is only 11.62 volts, I remember a few months back it used to be at 11.99 volts.

maybe my power supply is part of the issue?
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I think it's something to do with your vram. I have a 4870 with 512 mb vram, and it stutters like mad sometimes, but if I just turn it down a bit, I get really good framerates

@B7ADE, max fps doesn't matter that much- average is much more important
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