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9800 gtx

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I have a Evga 9800 GTX 512 DDR2 card that hasn't been overclocked. I have orginal packing and all accesorys that orginaly game with it. Cards in perfect condition, I even keep it clean : ). I can also provide proove of purchase for warrenty info.

I've seen theses card go for $85, just wondering what you guys thought.
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Probably about $75~ish. A 9800GT goes for around $65 so it shouldn't be too far off.
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Newegg has them for about $135. I would sell it for around $90.

Oops looked at the gtx+. I would say abut $80-$90
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ok thx guys.
I just sold my 8800GTS 512mb for $100. That should give you something to think about (BTW, about 3 ads per day on kijiji and craigslist for an entire week.) It was still worth it imo.

You should try to sell it and make price comparison just to show the people that it is a good deal, even try to put free shipping and installation, you should be able to sell it for $105-110.
$80-85 shipped
$75-80 i sold mine for $78 and evga doesn't cover the second owner of the card
$80 shipped CONUS, $75 + shipping anywhere else
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