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Originally Posted by P.J

I don't see any difference between 9800 Pro 128MB and 9800 Pro 256MB !

I'm not sure what article you are referring to (ur link didn't work), but this one shows the difference. Notice two things: 1. Games that utilize less than 128MB of memory (most games) will show no improvement. 2. Notice how games that use less than 128MB of memory, the 4X spec on the the AGP bus isn't even getting utilized.

This is an old article though and you will find a lot of games that use the full amount of memory (Doom3, HL2). So I would say if you are going to get a 9800 Pro, get the 256MB. I would however urge you to look at an X800np or a 6800np. You will see much performance gain!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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