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9800GT/GTX or 8800gt/GT OC

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Hello, i'm thinking which one to buy and does 8800 GT OC or TOP mean its a simple GT just factory overclocked (same with 9800 GT / GTX)? There's quite a price difference. I've read that 9800 have 3 power connectors so advanced psu is required (if sli)? I want to get good performance / overclockability for the money. There is 8800GT 256mb 128bit for a considerably small pice in my local market - is it any good? As i will sli in future i think 256mb isnt an issue? I'm also looking at 9600GT (and GSO whatever that means). Oh btw would two 128bit cards in sli mode work as one 256bit card?

So basicaly you understand my concern. Thanks for your answers.
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9800gt has 1 6 pin. 8800gt=9800gt

9800gtx has 2x6pin.

Oh btw would two 128bit cards in sli mode work as one 256bit card? No.

9600gt sucks get the GSO. its much better.

8800gt is perfectly fine and getting the GTX/OC/TOP isn't really worth it.

your BEST bet is getting the 8800gt for the money....
Thanks for swift reply, now my list has narrowed.

9600GSO magic 512mb DDR3 680/1800 mhz 192bit

9600GSO ultimate 384mb DDR3 680/1800 mhz 192bit

8800GT 512mb DDR3 600/1800mhz 256bit

8800GT 256mb DDR3 600/1900mhz 256bit

Which one performs better in single / sli modes?
8800GT 512mb is your best bet out of that list. I just bought one at Best Buy, it was marked at $102 even though it should have been $155 and I'm quite pleased with the boost over my 7950gt.
Still i have one question left. If i get 8800GT, when i'd need to sli these cards would probably be no longer in production as it is a high end series 8 card? So maybe i would be better of buying one of listed 9600's. Then what kind of impact on performance does 192bit have? Aren't they slower than 8800gt's?
They are slower than the 8800GT's. However, the 9800GT is almost the same as the 8800GT with a few added features. I would recommend that if you cannot sli right away or for cheap, get a 9800GT as they will be in production for a while longer and are not that expensive.

I'd look at this one on newegg if that is an option for you.
Dual slot cooling and cheap.

Originally Posted by maddux
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9600gt sucks get the GSO. its much better.

Are you serious??

9600gt is better than a GSO... more memory bandwith + more memory = faster card.
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Zen Asus 9800GT 512mb! and no headache choosing between higher and lower bandwidth n stuff. Thx guys for helpful infos o/
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