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9800gt help

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got a gigabyte 9800gt 1gb and as i see there i no temp monitoring or fan control (it's too loud this way)...so i was wondering if it would make a diference if i flash it with a xfx or zotac bios? would i get this 2 options then?

i tryed searching for a improved gigabyte bios but couldn't find anything,not even the orginal bios for thid 1gb version...
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First of all, in regards to fan control, are the wires going to the fans: 3 wires or 4 wires?

Edit:Or are they 2?
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link to said card?
2 wires
2 wires = power only: 1 positive (red), and 1 negative (black)

This means it has no RPM (speed) sensing, or PWM (speed adjusting) capability.

Resistors will work, that is what I have used in the past in this situation, with a Xigmatek Battleaxe.
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ok...thanks for the info...

what about the temp monitoring?

edit: i found the solution...i sold it
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