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9800gt sli scaling issue

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I have had these 2 cards for a little bit now and overall they have been performaing great with me being able to max out all my games. While everything was good, the fan speed was between 80-100% on both cards which showed that they were both under load. All of a sudden, I notice that one card gets under heavy load and will have max fan and max temps, while the other card is in the 40-50% range. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I can't seem to get it to scale the way it used to and I can notice the lower fps in games now :/ I am running the latest force ware to see if that helped and it still has the same issue.
edit: I get 22k 3dmark with the gpu's at stock, I am so confused now
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have you started playing a different game when you notice this, it could be that the game/drivers for the game doesn't have support for SLI.

have you updated the drivers and checked that SLI is still enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel
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