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9800GX2 Problem (Resolved (kind of))

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edit: fixed, I got a refund from e-bay, so I sent the card back.

Well, I won a 9800GX2 on e-bay last week and got it in tonight.I only bid $125 not thinking I would win, but I did. It did say in the auction it was refurbished and was tested to power on (but it did not say it worked, guess I should have read it closer).

Hooked it up (using a Antec Earthwatts 500w, I know, it needs more power, but both lights were green and should be enough to just power it on). edit: Got an OCZ 600w and same result, so definitely not a PSU problem.

I get 1 long beep and 3 short ones, which is the code for "No Video Card or Bad Video RAM" (MSI M2N-SLI Deluxe). System works just fine with another video card.

I took the cover off and it was very dirty, so I blew it out with compressed air. Took a few pics, a few areas don't look quite right, but may be normal?

I do have a OCZ 600w PSU comming in on Friday (hopefully), but I only have 7 days to contact the seller to contest it.
Should I wait for the PSU or just go ahead and contact the seller and see what they say?

Anything else I can do to check or make it work (besides putting it in the oven)?
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Are you talking about the gold ribbon cable on the bottom? They seem to be (looks like they connect on 2 points on each side)
hmm, trying running with just one stick of memory, no extraneous drives, any extra USB cables and see if it works.

Then I would contact the merchant who sold you the GPU

And you cant RMA a card that has switched owners. You can bypass this by letting the merchant send in the invoice with your address on the RMA form
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I see a total of 4 connection points for the cable (looks like 2 ribbon cables).

Detroit, I bought this on e-bay used, I can't RMA it (and not sure if the seller will take it back since it does say "As is" in the auction). Not unless Nvidia (I don't see a brand on it, it is the black case with "GEFORCE" on the top of it) does RMA's on any card.

youra6, it only has 1 stick of RAM and the HDD hooked up, and works fine with another video card.
Im just saying if power is an issue which it may be since its only a 500 watt and 9800X2 uses as much

power as 2 9800 GTXs, to take away some of the components that draws power...

basically to remove any extra components that draws power from the PSU. Maybe that just might work
If its still under warrenty RMA, if not then contact the seller

I had one of these and I don't think your PSU is the problem, I've powered one without a hitch on a 450W PSU
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on a i7 920?

I have a hard time believing you... A i920 draws almost 300w at load not to mention the 9800X2 probably draws closer to 310.

at 4.2 the i7 draws closer to 310 as well

thats above 600 watts. The math simply does not add up. Not to mention other components in your system

At idle it would run but never during load

Originally Posted by youra6
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on a i7 920?

I have a hard time believing you... A i920 draws almost 300w at load not to mention the 9800X2 probably draws closer to 310.

thats almost 600 watts. The math simply does not add up. Not to mention other components in your system

At idle it would run but never during load

I'm running my setup on the exact same PSU.
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thats because you only have 1 GPU. 9800 is essentially 2 GPU's in one chip. Plus you have only a quality 500 watt PSU, 50 watts higher than his

1 260 draws only 184W
9800X2 Draws 310... BIG DIFFERENCE

And your i7 isnt overclocked. It draws much less power stock

However, your computer should still start since those are peak wattages... during idle, your computer should consume less than 500 watts
Well, I just sent the seller an e-mail. I will see what they have to say, they go to paypal if the seller denies it.
IMO, saying a GPU powers on is saying it works (for the general public, which is how PP should look at it).

If no, who knows what I will do with it.

Thanks for the help.

edit: one more quick question, I just noticed on the back of the card that only one of teh green LED's is lit. The one by the HDMI port is not lit at all, the other one is green (as are the ones on the power plugs and the ones you can see from outside the case throught the vent).
Is this normal?
Well, the seller has denied a refund stating they said the "display capabilities were unconfirmed".
I have disputed it on e-bay (do I need to do it on Pay Pal also?, or are they the same).
I hope I don't get screwed again on e-bay when I have been wronged (this will be the 3rd time for me loosing $100 or more, so I guess this will be the 3rd strike for e-bay if I don't get my money back).
Man, just trying to get back into folding and this happens....
Should have gotten the 2 8800GT's here a while back.

Anybody want to buy a non-working GX2?

Originally Posted by Setzer View Post
Try baking it.
If I don't get a refund, I may.
e-bay says they will make a decision in 48 hours.
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if that doesnt work, try making the owner RMA the card for you. I know thats looked down upon, but i would do it if I got ripped off for 100+ dollars.

He owes you at least that
Apparently they got the card second hand (I don't know all the details) so I don't think there is a chance of RMA.
I am still hopeful that e-bay will find in my favor. I don't even mind paying for shipping to send the card back (so long as I get the full price including shipping refunded).

BTW, the card is a all black card with no branding on it (It just has a silver swoop on the side and says GEFORCE on the top. Who makes this? Is it an Nvidia branded card?

like the one on top?

I like to say its PNY but im not sure. Ill check in with you when i find it

Sir I think thats a OEM chip.. http://www.overclock.net/nvidia/4844...ugh-years.html
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