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9800pro preformance problems

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Ok I know its old but so are the games im tring to play on it lol. My sig rig is bought but i gotta wait till christmas to get it
thank you my wife
. But anyway stuff like COD:UO can only run high 10x7 and gets only 40FPS, COD same settings 50FPS average. MOHAA does 12x7 all very high but gets a poor 43FPS with lows in the single digits. CSS and HL2 same story its on medium 10x7 and gets maybe 40FPS if im lucky.

Rest of the system
Pentium4 2.6HT (HT is turned on I can't disable it)
512mb of DDR333 (bought more ram from OCN but came DOA)
Saphire 9800pro checked in GPUz its clocks 380core 340 ram 256bit so its a real 9800pro.
Windows XP Home SP3
320gb ATA100 8mb Cache

I even ran 3dmark03 and got a poor 3k 3dmarks closer to what a 9600pro should be pulling, and I cant figure this out, using 7.10 cat's

tried farcry also it runs on high for 40FPS 10x7 which is about right for it, but everything else seems very low
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ok guys really cmon i need your help
i used to have almost the same system, i used a custom driver which gave me some nice fps increases in most games.....

here you go, im not sure which driver i used but i guess the newest on that page will do just fine.
yea ive got better preformance now COD runs great at 12x10 now lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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