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Does anyone know what a good, decently safe voltage is for a 24/7 overclock on the 980x is? It's currently 1.4V vCore for a 4.2GHz overclock, 150x28. Left the rest of the voltages on auto. I get an IBT error after the second pass, and BSOD 124 on on prime95 after a couple minutes.

I've seen people saying to never go past 1.4v, others say that up to 1.5v on a watercooling loop is safe. So, what do you say?

EDIT: If it helps any, it's stable at 4116MHz, 147x28, at 1.39v.

EDIT2: Forgot to mention, temps never went further than 60c at full load on at 4.2ghz 1.4v.
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