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9850 be oc

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I'm 100% new to overclocking and I was told that amd overdrive does a pretty good job at overclocking. I decided to see what the auto clock would give me. I ran it when I went to bed last night and it came up with 200x15.5 so it went from a 2.5 to 3.1 and no voltage change. Should this be trusted? Should I still run a separate stress test on it?

Then I read here that software overclocking is not a good idea. My only problem is my foxconn a79a-s motherboard bios is almost impossible for a newb to navigate.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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You should always stress test to ensure stability. Software overclocking is ok to help find stable settings and to tweak some here and there. However once a good solid stable setting is found you should always set that in the bios.

If you need specific answers to questions you may have about your board and where to set things, just ask. There are some people around here who have the same board and can help you.

Oh and nice overclock so far.
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so is prime the best stress test program, and if so how long should I run 1-2 hours?
I would probably run OCCT first for 1 hour. If that passes then run prime95 overnight (roughly 8 hours or so). Both are good in their own right and using both would better ensure stability.
I have the same board and CPU I can try to help somewhat if needed, I am still a little new to it myself but seems to be learning more and more
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I have almost exact set up as you too. One thing to note if you are planning on to overclock, disable PowerNow in bios. That is the AMD Cool n quiet feature.
yeah I did that, I'm just 100% not familiar with the bios, I can't find the multiplier for instance. I found what I thought was it, but when I changed it, nothing happened, it still shows the same cpu speed with it at say 12 or 13x
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