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9850 temperature question

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I'm not sure if this question belongs in this section because it is a mix of different things, If anyone thinks it belongs elsewhere please let me know the proper place. Ok first to set a frame of reference please check out my system info, I had to downgrade to XP Pro 32bit because for the love of Ceiling cat I could not find 64bit drivers for any wireless card I tried. Whether it be a Linksys or Netgear nothing, I know I could just hard wire my pc to the net but I violently disconnected (i.e. tripped) over my Cat-5 cable and ripped the wires out of my DSL modem. I really don't want to do that to my mobo for obvious reasons. before I downgraded, my Phenom idled at 24c-30c @3.2Ghz with no exhaust or intake fans running just the CPU fans. After I downgraded, my CPU overheated and shut down just from updating windows. I have my system set to shut down if it gets up to 65c. On a cold boot the hardware monitor showed it at 53c, once I got into windows and downloaded Speedfan and finished installing the other hardware monitoring programs it over heated and shut down again. I let it sit for a few minutes and rebooted and changed all of my cpu's settings to stock speeds, voltages, and multipliers. On idle with 3 different programs to check the temps my cpu sat at 50c and I even underclocked my cpu to 1.6GHz to test that idle temp, it only went down to 40c. It made me go ***?!?! :swearing: *insert angry words here*. Long story short what the heck would cause the temps to spike like that with XP Pro 32bit??? If I left any info out that would help your guesses let me know, I just got home from 12 hours of my brain being in standby mode
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there is no correlation with your OS...and CPU temps lol...

First off did you violently trip over your hard wire during the downgrade and hence because of this your heatsink has become loose...therefore your temps have become terrible.

Open your case up and reseat your heatsink and I bet its loose. Also check and see if the fan is actually running maybe the fan's line got unhooked.
I figured there would be no correlation but it was just really weird to see the difference you know.
The modem I tripped over wasn't hooked up directly to my pc and I tripped over it days before my downgrade. I just checked my fans and they are running I was thinking I would try reseating my cooler as a last resort, I have to remove my mobo to get the cooler off :swearing:
Haha... that is weird... especially as my 9850 used to idle at 26C without any thermal paste on the stock cooler... it stayed around the same temps at 2.8GHz too. That was under 64-bit XP and with the Antec 900 though; the Spedo doesn't have nearly as good of airflow
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that sucks 'cause I really like my spedo
I'm sure my thermal chambers help with the low temps too along with the plethora of fans plus I'm a heatpipe whore. Maybe the 64bit architecture makes the processor run more efficiently than the 32bit one?
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Shouldn't; I honestly can't understand how the two could possibly be related; if anything 64-bit would logically run more taxingly than 32-bit; it certainly makes processor settings more sensitive. And I ran XP 32-bit Media Center on my rig before upgrading to 64-bit without a problem. Not meaning to advertise or anything here, but 64-bit operating systems can be downloaded in 10 mb files, so you could probably test it at any time.
Mabye you tripped on something and it knocked against the case... and perhaps shook loose the CPU fan? Just throwing out ideas here... if I were you I would go ahead and reseat the HS... if the problem still occurs at least you would know there is more of a problem rather than improper installation of HS/TIM.
I read somewhere on here that flashing the bios might help, I just got done doing that my cpu is no longer underclocked and my temps are reading 43c on AMD overdrive and speedfan but the software that came with my board (HW monitor) is reading 31c. Either way it's waaaaaaay better than before
bump, I freshly lapped my cpu and heatsink a while ago. The results were pretty awesome my temps dropped by about 7c and my AS5 has yet to fully cure. I also did some more digging into my cpu's temp and I checked the motherboards cpu health monitor and it's reading at 30c. The other monitoring programs I have read at 45c (speedfan, HW monitor, AMD Overdrive) but Hardware sensor monitor 4.4 reads it at 35c with Media player 11, Firefox and Utorrent running. I know it's not a full load but it's not idle either, after doing a little confusion dance I packed my system up for a LAN party last saturday.
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