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9x multi on i7 860 LOCKED!!!!

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hey guys,

I am in desperate need of help!

just built a new i7 860 system on a p755d mobo and am having an issue getting the multiplier to change from 9x

here is the story -

put the computer together and went in to do a quick overclock before installing windows....

everything was fine, booted up at around 3.37 ghz. My mate who had the same system downloaded the new asus bios and told me to flash mine. I did so successfully and installed windows. Since then I have noticed that my bios has LOCKED my multiplier at 9x and no matter what wont let me change it.

I can adjust my blk fine but 9x is as high as my multi will go with or without powersaving features. I have flashed my bios 4 more times with dif versions and reset my cmos (battery out for 20 mins with jumper changed) and STILL no love.

I am guessing that my bios chip is ****ed now as it has locked the multiplier.

any suggestions?
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Try this before you condemn your motherboard.

Disable Turbo mode
Set maximum processor multiplier
Increase processor voltage a little bit
Lower QPI ratio (as close as possible to 4800)
Lower memory multiplier to maximum stable memory frequency
Increase CPU base frequency
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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