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A couple DDR2 questions

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ok soon, hopefully in March, i will be building a new intel based rig with pentium d 920 (hope to overclock that beast) and asus 955x mobo i think its like p5wd2 and all the other goodies,

i am trying to decide between 1gb ddr2 at pc2-5400 and up speed maybe even pc 6000 as they arnt that expensive OR 2gb ddr at pc2-4200 because anyhtign higher is ridiculously expensive ( ilive in canada, looking at newegg makes me want to cry because a nice 2gb dual channel kit pc2-5400 cost ~ $200 canadian after conversion form american but here in fkin canada the same thing costs me like 350$$) anyways my questions are, do the value 4200 speed modules overclock to 5400 speeds?? and if they dont overclock will they hinder my overclocking ( i am coming from amd platform so i am pretty noob at intel overclkcign and havent figured out the whole mem divider stuff, is it same as amd???) AND finally what will give btr fps in BF2 the 1gb fast stuff or 2gb slower stuff, i plan on using this rig primarily for gaming and occasional video encoding so the 920 at such nice price is making me swithc form amd

thnx for all teh help
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there is a chance it might... oc to 5400 speeds, but not a very big one, i believe pc5400 is DDR667"1334".. where as pc 4200 is only ddr533"1066"

so if your looking to be able to OC a greta ammount go with the 5400, if not then pc 4200 will be fine. its what iuse and get a great OC out of it
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