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hi guys.

I know how most of the xbox 360 players out there hate that you have to pay.. but here are is some stuff to show how you can do it for free.. and some other things


1. Simplify your online gaming: You can play your Xbox online without using Xbox Live for free. Xlink Kai allows players to join multiplayer LAN games online for free. Microsoft has placed a 30 ms ping limit on your Xbox 360, so closing all other Internet applications prior to playing is key. Optimized compressed tunnels in Xlink Kai allows for lag free (for the most part) online gaming. Additionally, though illegal and not recommended, if you do choose to play pirated games, you can play these online with friends. Xlink Kai is not console specific, meaning you will be able to network and play with users that own all different consoles. Xlink Kai has an extremely friendly and helpful community, making the gaming environment comfortable and fun.

2. Turn your Xbox 360 into a laptop: Engadget kindly takes individuals through a step by step process of turning your Xbox 360 into a portable laptop. Obviously, there are major disadvantages to this - such as completely voiding any warranty you might still have and running the risk of ruining your system completely. On the flip side, you'd be easily able to carry your console around.

3. Adding Storage to your Xbox 360: Microsoft limits what you can store on your Xbox 360, but installing a separate USB hard drive to your Xbox allows you to be in control of any and all content you store. Additionally, when you are accessing your photos and files from your portable device using the "portable device applet" on the Xbox, you have a file view, which means you can view your files that are stored on an external hard drive in the format you are familiar with.

4. Use your laptop as a free Xbox 360 Wi-Fi Adapter: You can utilize Internet connection sharing to get your Xbox 360 to the Internet, rather than buying the adapter that costs $80. This is a huge benefit to individuals who do not own a router, or who are traveling somewhere in which they won't have a router.

6. Modify your Xbox 360 case: Face it, for most individuals the look of their Xbox 360 is generic and plain, and sometimes boring. There are countless ways and methods of modifying your Xbox 360 case. The benefit of case modification is simply personalization and making your console your own. Or, you could be a bit more extreme and solve the Xbox' cooling problems with a custom case.

7. Use your own personal HDMI cable to save $40: Chad Ledford teaches gamers how to fit the A/V adapter into the Xbox 360 while using your own HDMI cable rather than purchasing the "Official Microsoft" cable. The benefit of this modification? Save money, of course.

8. Flash your DVD firmware to play game backups: You can flash the firmware on the DVD drive to play game backups. However, be aware of the fact that this could ban you from Xbox Live. Only use this tool to play your own game backups!

9. Turn Your Xbox A/V cable into a VGA Cable for $7: Engadget takes us, once again, through the step by step process of turning your standard Xbox 360 A/V cable into a VGA cable at an extremely low price. The benefit of this modification is saving money, and improving your graphics display.

10. Backup your games via hotswap: This Youtube video teaches individuals how to back up their games utilizing the hotswap method. Hotswapping games and DVDs allows you to be able to make a copy of your original DVD that is flawless, and acts as an original in another system.


1. a laptop fan thing.. well this is what i mean

2. mod your case.. so add a couple of fan...

3. make a wood holder with 2 cuts for 2 90mm fans.. i would suggest to use this one.

4. dont put your xbox 360 laying on the carpet expecully if you have pets because the fan will suck up all of the hair..

5.dont stack the xbox 360 with other eletric appliences like: dvd recorder and a xbox on top because the dvd player will cause heat from its self to the xbox.

6. allways keep the room that the xbox is in open and well ventleated.

i hope you agree with somthing here..

if you have anything to add please add it.



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