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A few questions about upgrading from Vista to 7

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I'm interested now to upgrade my system which is using Windows Vista Home Basic 64 bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (I think that's the compatible one). I heard that you keep all your files and applications, I was just wondering, once I upgrade to 7, will all my files be in the same place? I have a lot of games and files, will my games and other applications remain the same? What else would change? Thanks.
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So I there wouldn't even be updates for win7 for some apps or games?
The upgrade process is painless- you keep everything currently on your HDD. data stays right where it should be. Even if you do the clean install, it puts all your data into a folder called windows.old
You can then open the windows old file and grab the files you want (pictures,music,movies,games) and then delete the rest and have a nice fresh install to work with.
Ive done it both ways. upgrade for a guy i built a computer for, and i clean install for myself
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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