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A few questions. Please help...

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My components for the "rig in my sig" arrive this coming week. And as it is my first build I have a few questions/concerns.

If any of you could help it would be much appreciated. Will +rep if I can

  1. Regarding thermal paste, does it ever come included with components? Or will I need to buy some separately?
  2. Should I consider overclocking right away or is it unecessary at this point?
  3. What is the maximum temp a rig should reach?
  4. What programs would you recommend to manage/measure the temp?
  5. Is there generally anything useful you would like to warn/inform me about before assembling the parts?
Cheers guys.
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1. Not usualy, sometimes it does when you order an aftermarket cooler - but you'll have to order some separately in most cases.

2. If you want to do so or not is up to you basicly, if you want to overclock it you can just go ahead and do so. I myself prefer to have used the computer a couple of days before doing so, just for the reason to check if I get any issues with something else - but thats me though.

3. This is somewhat independend to what people prefer - but always keeping the temps 25-30Cs under tj.max under load is preferable. I myself like to keep the CPU temp under load at least 30C under tj.max. If the temps get much higher than that, you should consider some new cooling components.
As for the Q9550 I don't quite remember, but the tj.max is either 95 or 100C (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) - so you would want to keep the max load temps under stress testing not higher than 62-65Cs.

4. Programs like Everest Ultimate, RealTemp, HW Monitor and such are good programs... I myself use Everest Ultimate at this point in time. And sometimes RealTemp, but Everest to monitor them whenever the comp is on. Everest Ultimate costs money, but offers a lot of useful features monitoring the system and system information.

5. Don't rush putting the parts togetter, take your time and follow the instructions for cabeling and such. And also, don't freak out if the computer won't start on it's first try. The problems is usually easely solvable in most cases. Work on a hard surface and not on carpets or such to minimize the risk of static electricity. Also, for a first time build reading thru some guides you can find by googeling can be helpful and informative.
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Cheers for the prompt response (+rep). I'll be downloading some of that software for managing the temps of my CPU/GPU. I don't forsee any problems but I always like to be sure, so knowing what that 25C-30C is the ideal range will certainly help. I might see if the local PC World sells thermal paste to be sure that I have some on the day, as nothing would be worse than having all the parts there and not being able to use them until I get some thermal paste

I've also borrowed a static mat/wrist strap to reduce the static electricity.
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