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A Good Find?

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Definitely, the Yate Loon 140mm fans kick out 62CFM at 29db.

Nice find.
Not to be the bringer of bad news but that is totally wrong

I wish it was true or i would pick up like 20 for my comp

90cfm at 19dba!?! The air moving would make more noise then that!
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Definitely, its bigger so it should be quieter
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Originally Posted by GeforceGTS
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Their website says different


hmm that is strang, i didn't read it from their website.

says this on play.com

# Main Specifications:
# Air Flow: 95.5 CFM at 1,500 RPM
# Connectors: 2510/3Pin+Big 4Pin
# Max Power: 3.84W
# Noise Level: 19dBADimensions: 140x140x25mm. (l x w x h)
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There is no way you can produce 90 cfm with 19dba with a fan that size. Period. Even Antec's Big Boy fan (the big one on the 900 and 1200 cases), which is 20cm, is rated for 83cfm at 24dba on LOW (400rpm)! You want me to believe that a smaller fan moving almost 4 times as fast is gonna make less noise and move more air??
Sorry, this is probably rated like silenx rates their fans: The highest cfm possible at any speed or noise level, and the lowest noise possible at any speed or cfm. Notice it doesn't say 95.5CFM AT 1500 rpm...
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