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A green Nvidia card?

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I'm looking for a good price/performance Nvidia card which won't draw a lot of power, yet still able to do some Cuda work. The reason is I plan to put a few in a datacenter so the power draw needs to be minimal, so a good balance of power draw and performance is really important.

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GTX260 and GTX285 are more energy efficent... While each card consumes more power overall, each core uses less power.

A rough rough estimate:
9600GSO = 96SP, 84w TDP = ~.88w per core
9800GT = 112SP, 105w TDP = ~.94w per core
GTX260 = 216SP, 171w TDP = ~.79w per core
GTX285 = 240SP, 183w TDP = ~.76 per core
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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