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A GTX 295 performance issue help request

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After 6 hours of searching the internet I registered here to seek proffesional help. At first, I would like to say that I'm a new to overlcocking. So please, don't be hard on me. I have some FPS problems with my gtx295.

This is my system:
Intel core i7 920 2,67GHz
P6T deluxe v2
4x 2gb ddr3 memory
Intel SSD X25-M V2 160GB
Club3d GTX295
syncmaster 2494hm monitor(24 inch)
win 7 ultimate 64 bit

What is exactly my problem?
I find my FPS too low for my system. I've been testing it in several games like WoW, crysis and far cry 2. I've been using benchmark tools in the last two games and my fps was allways lower than other similiar tests with non-overclocked systems on the internet. For example: While I had 50-60 fps they had around 80 fps with farcry 2. I've used the exact same graphic settings. When I tested crysis (very high, no AA) with a benchmark tool I got around 30 FPS while I should get 50 or more non-overclocked - according to other tests.
Friends on WoW with a worse system than me and all settings max got their fps at 60 all the time while I get around 30-40.

What have I tried?
I reinstalled all drivers, got the latest for every component of my computer
I changed the Nvidia 3d settings but nothing changed
I started to overclock my CPU a bit to 2,9 GHz and I had no performance improvements so I put it back to default.
I tried diffrent resolutions, I ran tests with 1680-1050 and 1920-1200 resolutions. But both gave way less FPS then internet tests showed.

I also ran performancetest and here are the results



I'm hopelessly lost in what to do. I just bought this new set and I just want it to run good. I hope anyone could see the problem. And again, I'm pretty new at this so post if I need to add some information. I can post crysis and farcry 2 tests results if necessary.

I really hope to get this fixed, thanks in advance
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Try running 3DMark Vantage, post the results.

Check the NV control panel> manage 3d settings> multi-gpu performance mode> make sure it's set to Nvidia recommended

Welcome to OCN
Thanks for the welcome,
The multi-GPU performance mode was allready set to nvidia recommended

here are the 3dmark vantage results:

Unsure if I had to change some settings so I let everything on default.
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that's an alight score but physx is enabled, if you want to do it w/o physx go to options and PPU disabled or you can always turn off physx acceleration in your Nvidia control panel.

Were the things you were looking at online say that either the card or processor were overclocked. If you get that CPU up over 3.5mhz and the card up around 650mhz core 1150 mem you will probably see a noticable difference. Also could you post a pic of you memory section in CPU-z as well as SPD?
So the only thing that makes my FPS low is my i7?

I don't understand how people get higher FPS on those games with not overlocked systems like in the tests or people on WoW or something.
its your ram i think they might be running higher speeds at tighter timings
yea your ram is running at 1066 when acording to you SPD is is capable of running much faster, it's probably rated at 1600 or somewhere there abouts. Drop you ram multiplier down a notch or two and see how that goes (leaving stuff on auto). Also go to USERCP at the top bar of the forum and edit you system so we can best help you.

but you you could overclock everything across the board and see real noticable results too, probalby up your vantage score by 2000+
Damn, I feel such a newb. I got no Idea how to do that.

The only thing I learned in the past days is how to pump up the cpu BCLK a bit together with the voltage in the bios.

Anyone got a few pointers how to overclock the whole system a bit?
For the best FPS on a GTX295 use 186.18 drivers. Every driver release after that killed the FPS (especially 195.xx). It's been proven that 19x drivers are much worse than 186.18. Here's an example: Click Here.

Also, see my Crysis GTX295 Thread for examples on what you should be getting. GTX295 Crysis Full HD Results

Compared yours with mine

I did not changed anything here yet, gonna try the driver now
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Well I see the issue here already. You don't have any Crysis patches installed. If you want the best performance you gotta get patch 1.2.

Download Here

EDIT: Also keep in mind you will still get lower than me because I had my CPU and GPU overclocked quite a bit.

EDIT #2: Also I noticed you didn't check "64 bit".
Updated nvidia driver to 186.18
Updated Crysis to 1.2
Even a FPS drop now:

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Originally Posted by Sear100
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Updated nvidia driver to 186.18
Updated Crysis to 1.2
Even a FPS drop now

Follow what this guy says:


Originally Posted by Contagion
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I would do a complete driver cleanup of your system.
To do so.

1. Go in control panel and uninstall everything Nvidia related (drivers, Physx,
2. Reboot in Safe Mode.
3. Run Driver Sweeper found here
4. Clean out all drivers including ATI ones and Physx drivers. (Do this in Safe Mode)
5. Boot up in Windows and install your normal drivers and Physx and stuff.
6. Reboot and you have fresh, clean drivers. With hopefully no conflicts.

also overclock your CPU a bit and set NVIDIA Control Panel's 3D Settings to "Let the 3D application decide".

If all else fails, I would do a fresh install on a separate hard drive to test out and make sure you have no conflicting software or drivers on your current OS.
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Okay, I just did the complete driver cleanup.
I freshly installed a new driver for my gtx295.
I also overclocked my system and I don't know what else to do now.

Anyone got a clue?
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Keep in mind that I'm not only encountering this low FPS at crysis. But also at world of warcraft, farcry, CoD4 mw2 and so on. I also installed win 7 like 2 and a half month ago and I had those problems ever since.

3dmark vantage(after the overclock and driver reinstall):

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Originally Posted by Sear100
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Okay, I just did the complete driver cleanup.
I freshly installed a new driver for my gtx295.
I also overclocked my system and I don't know what else to do now.

Now follow this procedure one step at a time and report back with your results each time:

1. Update Crysis to Patch 1.2
2. If no change or worse, install driver 186.18 with the proper removal procedure (see previous post)
3. If no change or worse, overclock GPU to 700 (core), 1500 (shader), 1200 (mem)
4. If no change or little change, return to driver 191.07 with the proper removal procedure and overclock again on that driver

Also very important, if you are using 64-Bit operating system, remember to check the "64 bit" checkbox for each benchmark run. That could affect your results.

Try each of those steps, one at a time until you are happy with the results and report back to us with which one was best for you.
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What FPS are you getting in MW2?

As for crysis, you may not be getting high fps, but you're getting a very respectable min fps.

The doctor if you refer to my attached pictures, for vantage, phyx enabled system will get better scores.

Overall your gtx 295 seem to be doing what I think is normal performance.

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I skipped the crysis part as I have the problem in multiple games so I moved on to farcry 2 now. Step 2 and 4 did not bring in any change and step 2 made it worse.

I did not overclock my GPU yet, it's just my CPU to 3,8 now and this are the results of a farcry test run :

My card went 4 fps above not overclocked gtx295 (I did the same test as http://tweakers.net/benchdb/test/298)

Is this a good improvement? I've got the feeling that it should be more. Maybe it's just WoW and crysis that is wrong installed or something.
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