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Hey guys.

I've been fumbling back and forth with either going with an ASUS Rampage III Extreme, or Rampage III Formula.

Reasons for III Extreme:

- will allow me to watercool the NB, which is something I kinda want to do
- I will for sure have a slot that I can drop a PCI-E 1x sound card into

I know the board will do 16x/8x/8x for Tri-SLI setup, but if I add a 1x card in that last slot, will it drop the cards to 8x/8x/8x? Or because it's a 1x, will it recognize that and leave them at 16x/8x/8x?

Reasons for III Formula:

- A bit cheaper, while still offering me the features I want (minus, I think, being able to water cool the NB)

This has a PCI slot, and two non-PCI-E 16x slots... however, EVERY slot, barring the one 1x slot above the 1st 16x slot will be covered with a Tri-SLI setup, even with waterblocks on them. At least, I think they will?

However, I can't tell from the pictures if that 1x slot above the 1st 16x slot will allow me to fit a Xonar STX sound card (or any 1x sound card, for that matter).

I refuse to go back to onboard sound, so.. my questions are, for anyone that knows:

1. If I put a 1x sound card in that last 16x slot on the Rampage III Extreme, will it make my vid. cards run at 8x/8x/8x? Or will they stay at 16x/8x/8x?

1a. Will I notice any drop in performance if that's the case?

2. Am I able to fit a sound card in that top 1x slot on the Rampage III Formula?

3. If neither of those boards will work, what board(s) will?

Thanks a bunch in advance, guys!
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