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A new case, with good space

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I'm building a whole new PC but I want a case with good space in it so everything isn't cramped. My budget is 80-120$. Canadian only
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I really like my CM690, loads of space to move around in, very easy to get stuff in and out etc.
It looks alright and it's in my budget
CM 690 FTW, i have it and its a great case, defiantly in budget, tool less design, lots of airflow, and looks nice as well, plus there's tons of mod potential.
All good answers, I'm choosing it now
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Yep, ordered a CM690 for a friend last week, it's a very nice case.
I also say CM690, I love it tons more than my A900 (kinda hurts to say that but its true).
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wow every suggestion was for the cm690, but truly its a great case, im a little biased because i own one but for the price/quality/looks you cant go wrong.
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