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A 'new' kind of Cool n Quiet while overclocking

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Just thought I'd share this, I've had great results with using this program to set custom cool n quiet settings on my Opteron 170.

CrystalCPUID download
SilentPCReview Guide

Basically, you can turn off CnQ in the BIOS, and use this program to set custom multiplier and Vcore settings within Windows. I run these speeds for my minimum, medium, and max settings -

-290x4 for 1160MHz, 0.95v - 28C load
-290x8 for 2320MHz, 1.15v - 36C load
-290x10 for 2900MHz, 1.30v - 43C load

I have it configured to raise from minimum to medium at a 65% load, and again from medium to maximum at a 75% load. It then falls back down to lower settings when CPU load goes below a certain threshold.

I had the hardest time getting the vcore to actually change - CPU-Z would reflect the change but my DMM would always read ~1.31v (I had 1.300v set in the BIOS). I fixed this by switching the vcore setting in the DFI BIOS to Auto, and setting my 1.3v by using the "VID Startup" control in the BIOS on my Ultra-D. Now CrystalCPUID can change the voltages from within Windows, and the DMM reads the change, it's also easy to tell by the temps that result

I highly recommend you give this a try, lower speeds are fine for browsing the internet and messing around in Windows. 1160MHz on a dual core A64 is plenty fast
And it raises nicely when you need more power.
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wow that's interesting, I have to give that a try
Let me know how it works out for you. I was having some trouble yesterday with games, for example it would start out at 2.9GHz then go down to 1.16 for some reason, and everything would run at 2/5 speed (4x multiplier vs 10x). I think I've found some better settings now, I posted a screenshot to give a starting point

You might want to put interval time for maximum closer to 8-10s though. This means that when you're at your maximum clocks, for example playing a game or encoding something, it will only check to see if they need to be dropped down every 8-10 seconds.
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Notebook Hardware controlls is pretty awsome in the said regard...

Perhaps you could try that MY C&Q ^_^ - tell us how that works out.
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I tried that before on my setup and everytime the program tried to change the settings, my machine froze... It's also possible that it's just my ghetto rig....
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