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A Noob Mistake

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I must say.I am dissapointed with myself ,in the fact that I really did not do my homework before I went into my local Compusa 2 months ago , to start my system build. Years ago ,I was somewhat of an enthusiast ,but after years of marriage ,and 3 kids ,it had been a while since I really had kept up with the latest technology. After entering the store , ,and heading over to the component section ,I was greeted by a salesperson named, Marcello. After telling him that I wanted to build a gaming rig for my son and I ,he said I was" his" kind of customer.He then took out 3 Boards, The Intel DP55KG ,and 2 X58 Boards ,and EVGA ,and an ASUS . I was figuring to spend like $200-$300 on a Board. He then took me and the 3 boards to the counter to talk to "The Big Guy " to see what" he" thought I should get. Well the Big guy (he was 6'4" !!) decided ,that the P55 board was the way to go ,and I purchased it . I now feel like an Idiot ,because ,if I could do it over ,If I only knew ,I would have gone with X58 in a heartbeat. Oh well ,I guess I will have to start over from scratch and do it right next time. My current system is OK ,and I am not rich by any means ,But I really, really wish I had Gone the Bloomfield route.
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Thanx Jug!!!!
Nothing wrong with an 860. Heck, that's probably what I would buy at this moment.
A P55 ain't a bad way to go. Any 1156 socket CPU is overkill for gaming... uh, actually... make that almost every CPU is overkill for gaming.

Welcome to OCN!!
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Yup. Nothing wrong with 1156. Besides, the 1156 boards look SOOOOOOO much cooler than the 1366 boards.
Welcome to OCN!!!
Welcome, and please do not have any buyers remorse,..that system kicks butt. The 860 is awesome.
Thank you everyone! I do like the system ,and Well times are really tough now !!! I am still stoked to have a Core I7 in my home !!! and as for upgrading , Who the heck could afford to pay $1200 for a Six core gulftown chip in the next year?? I just shelled out $800 to send my 11 year old son on his class trip to DC with the safety patrol from his School !!!! He also mentioned that he wants a Mustang for his first car !!!!!!!!! It sure is fun Having kids!
Welcome to the forums cutty, i like the avatar.

Originally Posted by MeatloafOverdose
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Welcome, and please do not have any buyers remorse,..that system kicks butt. The 860 is awesome.

What he Said. Welcome to OCN.. Your gonna love the i5
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