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a question u can help with

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A friend of mine wishes to have networking in her room that is completely isolated away from the other computers. They have regular cable going into a wireless modem to a wired router. If my friend bought a wireless router and nic, do you think the modem would transfer internet service to both routers? One service to the wired router hooked up to the other pcs and another service to the wireless router to reach her room? Running a IEEE to her room isnt a good choice as the walls are conrete..
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You cannot connect two routers to one modem. She can wire her computer to the router and run it that way, but not get a whole separate router and connect it to the one modem.
You could always run one of the cords from the main router to another router and use it like an extension cord...
brilliant, so i can have the modem go to the wired router, and then the wired router to all the other computers and the wireless router. and from the wireless to her pc?
if ehr PC has the wireless card, then yes, it should work.
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