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A Shiva Lanrover E/Plus

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I recently came into possession of a Shiva Lanrover E/Plus.
A link to this item is here. this is the same model i have but it only has 4 Ethernet ports.


What I'm wondering is, what the crap does this thing do???
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Well, why did you take it if you didn't know what it was? IT COULD HAVE BEEN A BOMB!?

Honestly, it looks to be like a VPN Solution for dial-up. I think. I can't find very much information on it either. Other then it is an Award-Winning Platform.

Taken from a site:

For small and midsize corporations that need flexible, easy remote access to information, the family of Shiva LanRover remote access servers offers the ultimate in reliability, performance and ease-of-use. Network managers benefit from the peace of mind that comes through superior configuration, monitoring and management. Shiva LanRovers enable transparent access to information regardless of whether the user is at the office, working from home or in a hotel room. Unlike other remote access servers, these award-winning products can be tailored to meet every company's needs and budget.??The award-winning LanRover provides scalability, superior investment protection and standardized management and support. The LanRover/E and /T for Ethernet and Token Ring offer dial-in, dial-out, Internet and LAN-to-LAN connections for up to 8 concurrent sessions using external modems. The LanRover/E Plus and /T Plus offer the same features in a flexible, modular card architecture.
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Anyway, so its pretty much of no use to me?
No idea, did it not come with a manual? Can you insert a RJ-45 jack into it instead of an RJ-11 jack?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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