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I know that case stickers, the ones that come with components, like "Intel inside", "Powered by nvidia" etc. are controversial topic. Loved by some because they nicely show whats inside your rig, hated by others because of the colour inconsistency. Nevertheless it is a fact acknowledged by many that putting any sticker on your case, over time will ruin it. When you try to remove sticker its easy to scratch case. Depending on case colour the area under sticker will keep original colour but rest of case will change a little and it will show. Also, removing a sticker ruins it most of time which lowers resell value of components.

So, as a person who likes these stickers but acknowledges the fact they kind of ruin case, i came up with a solution that not only saves your case and sticker from degradation but also allows you to freely swap the stickers around.

Behold, the magnetic tape mod! As long as parts of your case are made of ferromagnetic material (steel and similar) you can equip your stickers with magnetic tape. Not only this will allow you to move and swap them around but it will also make stickers stand out more (especially the flat ones) and look important.

Details and result:
Hope you found it interesting and useful, or maybe at least inspiring to try magnetic tape in other kind of mods
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