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A WC Block for the GTX 285

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I am looking for a great WC block for the 285 whats your thought about it? I was looking at EK Waterblocks - EK-FC285 GTX SLI - Acetal+Nickel or Aqua Computer aquagraFX for GTX 285 (G200b) G1/4 which would be better and which will give the best cooling or is there better?

Also what Barb size should I get for my system? 1/2 or larger? I am going to be cooling cpu and sli 2 285. And will a HW Labs Black Ice GT Stealth 420 or Swiftech MCR320-Res Quiet Power 3X120mm be better? I will be putting 120mmx38mm fans on it, and set it up so it pulls and pushes, or is this too much?

Also will just one of this be able to cool the CPU and the 2 285s?
or will a 2 system be more efficent?

I havent thought about WC the nb and sb with getting a i7 board. Asus or Evga so figure that they will have great heat sinks on them.
Thank you for you time.
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I would get the ek water block
I would get a 220 rad for the cpu,nb,sb, if you plan to water cool
then get a 320 for the graphics cards
Having 2 rads will give you better performance.
you should be fine with 1/2.
I would get a MCP655 pump
yate loons fans
a fan controller as well
ok should I have a second PSU just to run the fans pumps etc? just a small on like 200 or 300 watts? and again will it be smart of me to push and pull air. I cant find any shrouds other then wiht thermochill but cant find the rads so not sure what to do. I am not good a making them. I been half temp to by they rings that look like the ring from fans and getting them set up and then cuying out the middle so that it opens up the middle of the rad like a shroad does, but not sure?
Any way with the new i7 board from Asus and Evga should I even think about wc the NB and SB? I was just going to let them go. and if I do, how would I work a 2 loop system?
sorry tired, late at night. I am looking at the swiftech rads or is there better?
Your power supply is more than enough to power everything you have and want
There is really no reason to cool the sb or nb just cool your cpu in my opinion
I would Just have a push set up for the yate loon fans
1st loop res-pump-rad-cpu

2cd loop res-pump-rad-gpu-gpu

feser or thermochill are a better choice of rads if you can find them in stock.
and as the 1st and 2nd pump, what size rad would you use for each?
what about HD black ice?
also is 1/2 id barbs the best or should i look at something larger? and what tubing do you suggest. I am ordering from sidewinder.com
here is the rads they have? here
made changes above
The Koolance NX-285 full cover blocks are worth a look too - they're very well made - I don't have any means of comparing them but they're pretty capable too - easily keeping an overclocked SLI system graphics loop under 50C (with a triple rad)

Incidentally Koolance also do a full waterblock set for the Asus R2e and Bitspower do an equivalent 'Black Freezer' cover for the EVGA X58 motherboard
Heatkillers got a 285 block out, although I haven't seen any reviews on it. You can see/get it from http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...eyword=gtx+285

As for Radiator, feser, magicool elegent, or the rx-xspc would be my choices, unless your going for bang for buck, then swiftech
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out of all the ones list above which is the best?
Assuming you mean the 285 waterblocks, hard to tell because nobody (afaik anyway) has done a comparative test yet. Feel free to buy 3 of each type (to test tri-SLI) and let us know the results :-D
no sorry meant the rads. feser, magicool elegent, or the rx-xspc or swiftech
I'm personally a huge fan of the Magicool for anything below 70CFM and the GTX for anything over that. I'd never really consider the swiftech now that the magicool elegant exists. Feser is great, a little expensive though, but should give the same performance as the magicool if multiple testings are anything to go by
the XSPC is best suited for sub 40-50CFM if you're really considering that, but again, the Magicool is also great in that area.
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