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A300: From Green, to Navy

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So my Dad needed a new computer and I felt like doing something somewhat cool. He was using the Compaq Presario 6000 that I bought in 2000 for college stuff. Basically an Athlon XP, 768mb RAM, and it is slow.

His new system is:
3.55 GHz Q9450
8GB of Patriot Xtreme 1066 [email protected] 5-5-5-12
3xWD Blue 160GB HDD's in RAID 0
1x WD 640GB Green for Back up
Gigabyte HD4350 (Couldn't talk him into a 5870
Samsung DVD Burner
Antec 300
Antec TruePower 550w
Cooler Master 212 HSF Push/Pull ([email protected], WAY under-rated!)

What the Case used to look like.

After Stripping, Sanding, Sacrifice.

Wish I took more pics of the build process, but, the whole thing was done in about 10 Hours minus a lot a drying time.

The wife made the Navy Logo stencil for me FREEHAND and deserves a big high five

(I have since taken the dust filter out and cleaned it lol)

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Pretty nice job for a squid
How about USMC version next?
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Originally Posted by GoneTomorrow
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Pretty nice job for a squid
How about USMC version next?

lol thanks, a Marine friend of mine wants exactly that. And ironically, I used the "U" stencil for testing purposes so it no longer lives lol
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