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A8N Prem BIOS + HT

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Hey folks,

I've just updated my CPU to Dual Core & purchased some new RAM to do a bit of overclocking.

I`m having a bit of an issue with my FSB though as it is currently at 1080

My CPU is currently at 270x9 = 2.4GHz and my RAM is locked at 200Mhz DDR400. My CPU OC is manual and all my RAM timings are at their defaults.

Things like voltages are all set to auto though.

I know there is something in my BIOS to lower my FSB so I can increase the clock speed some more but I`m having difficulty finding it.

Can anyone help?

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Its under advanced > cpu > hyper transport frequency. change it from x4 to x3
Thats what I thought but I have it set at x2 and its still at 1080 ...
Hmmmm thats not good. Erm.....have you tried downloading the latest BIOS?

It happened to me the other day i changed it but it didnt register so i just restarted my comp and it registered.

However, if you change it to x3 it might register. x2 is a bit too low so maybe its just bumping it up itself?
Thats the odd thing, I had it at x3 and it was at 1080, so i turned it down and its still at 1080 ... whats the deal there ?

I think i have the latest BIOS aswell tbh "ASUS A8N-SLI Premium ACPI BIOS Revision 1009"
Yea thats the latest one, im not sure here dude. Somethings wrong
contact asus.

1080 is fine, just anything above that can damage the comp.
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Yeah it just appears to be ignoring my HT multi for some reason.

My CPU can go further and I want it to, but I cant because of my FSB
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Try doing it at x11 i know you will loose a bit of performance but im @ 260 x 11 and see what your HTT reads then
Oh yeah forgot to update that, I have an Oppy 165 now, they have a max multi of 9 >.<
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