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i am getting this mobo since my dfi expert got rmad and i was credited the amount isnce it wont be in stock for awhile and am wondering how well the stock chipset cooling performs

i have water cooling and usually cool the chipset via water but if its not necessary then im going to remove that part of the loop

thanks for any input

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As of right now, with just stock everything except RAM (2.7V 2-3-2-5) and GFX card at 499/1.16 here's my Temps using nV Monitor:

CPU: 31C
System: 28C
GPU: 44C

I also have a 78CFM fan on the side of the case blowing directly into the GPU and the Chipset, but when I didnt have it it wasnt much more than 30C

This was usingthe current setup used below in my system specs

EDIT: Playing BF2 under 1280x1024 AA 4x and High Settings on all
CPU: 38C
System: 29C
GPU: 50C
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