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I've got the following rig
OCZ Platinum 3200 2GB (Part: OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K )
AMD 64 4000+
A8N SLI Premium
WD Raptor 76gb (Win XP OS)

I've got the following configuration:

Dram Configuration:

Timing Mode: Manual
Memclock index value: 400 mhz
Cas latency (TCL) : 2.5
Min ras active time (TRAS) : 5
Ras to Cas delay (TRCD) : 3
Row precharge time (TRP) : 2
Row Cycle time (TRC) : 12
Row refresh cycle time (TRFC) :16
Read-to-write time (TRWT) : 2
Write recovery time (TWR) : 2
1T/2T memory timing : 1
S/W Dram over 4gb remapping : Disabled
H/W Dram over 4gb remapping : Disabled

Hyper transport frequency : 4X
Amd K8 Cool'nQuiet : Disabled

Jumperfree Configuration:

Overclock profile: Manual
CPU frequency : 220
PCI Express : 100mhz
DDR voltage : 2.7
Chipset voltage : 1.5
HT voltage : 1.20
CPU multiplier : 12X
CPU voltage : 1.550
PCI clock syncronization mode : 33.33mhz

This puts me at 2640 Mhz. If I run CPU-Z and look under the memory tab, it indicates that the Mem frequency is 220Mhz. Does this mean that my RAM is actually running at 440Mhz? How high can this number go? I'd like to increase my CPU frequency to get me to around 2850Mhz. How do you suggest that I do this?

Any other suggestions would be helpful

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ok first off make sure you leave the PCI EXPRESS and the PCI CLOCK SYNCRO MODE locked at 100 and 33.33

now your ram is running 1to1 with the cpu so first off i would put adivider on it to see how high your cpu can go, set it to say ddr266 just to be safe (itll run at like 170mhz) this way you can oc your cpu and not worry about your ram, now increase your fsb untiul your cpu cant handle it any more then back it off a little bit and run some testing to find where its stable

now once youve done that you can start messing with your ram to try and find its highest speed, if thats good ram you may be able to keep it at a 1/1 ratio but just loosen your timings a bit to say like 3-3-3-8 or higher and see what it does and change it from 1t to 2t then be cure to run memtest to make sure its going well

read these guys here

it should help out alot and good luck

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Thanks for the quick response. I've tried lowering the ddr mem to 266. I was able to get a stable machine at around 2900M hz. My concern is how high can my mem frequency go? If I move up to ddr 333 or ddr 400, the mem frequency in CPU-Z starts to climb. Is 240Mhz to high for this RAM?


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hey use memtest86 to check for memory stability. underclock your cpu and htt... so you'r just OC'ing your RAM. (do this by setting your cpu multi to 5 or 6 and your htt multi to 3) then set your memclock index to 400 and increase your htt by about 10Mhz increments. then run memtest. you'll want to get your RAM the must voltage it can handle... probably around 2.85 but I'm not sure for that RAM. as you go up you'll want to loosen your timings a bit. 2.5-3-3-7 should get your a bit farther... then when that tops out try 2.5-4-4-8. since they're 1gb sticks you won't be able to get tooo far, but it'll let you know what you need to fo for a memory dividor
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