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AAA! Unpinnable from jumplist!

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I think this might be related to a recent driver reinstall...

When I try to unpin, it "re-pins" itself and turns orange as if it was just pinned. When I try to move it, it duplicates; though I can clear that duplicated one, I just can't clear the original one! Plus, the link doesn't even lead to the nVidia Control Panel, when I click it it just says "Do you want to remove this icon." I click yes, the same thing happens. I re-pinned the nVidia Control Panel (the one above it, with the icon) though and that one works fine...
Any way to solve this?
I read that the same thing happens for network drives, and to solve this you have to right click the start menu > properties > uncheck "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu and the taskbar" > unpin program - this doesn't work either!
EDIT: Stopping/restarting explorer.exe doesn't work either!!!

Well I solved it, but now I have to pin all my control panel items again
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