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.aaawave.com reputable place to buy Fans?

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There is a specific fan I want to buy that no were else has and am wondering if this is a good place to buy them from. If i need to post the fans I can, just don't want them to sell out.
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Yeah, you should post what fan you want. I've never heard of that place but it looks legit.

Edit; looked through their fan selection, they don't have anything I haven't seen before, honestly. Shouldn't fear having the fan sell out, really.
Scythe typhoons for a very good price.. Only place I could find were the 14 is in stock, every were else it has 13 or lower and I need a 14.

You know another place(sells number 14) or is this fine?
Ah, I get it. Pretty much every online shop I've been to has GentleTyphoons, so there shouldn't be any problem, though the price there is good compared to some other shops as you said.
Ya every shop has them but do they have the high powered ones? No, this site not only provides the high powered ones, but at a really good price and get them shipped for under 11 bucks for 4 of them!!! Other sites have them for 1150 RPM, this site has the 1450RPM !!!

They even have S-flex for under 12 bucks as well!!!! Can't beat the prices

Hope these fans are legit because I need new fans and can't find the better ones anywere.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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