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Abit 975 board takes on two Asus contenders

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Not bad..Enjoy

ABIT always knew how to please the eyes of its high-end customers. It makes good-looking motherboards and the Abit AW9D-MAX I975 is Bu-Do no exception. It is a bit close to Fu â€" Do but we won't hold that against it. The board uses high end 975X chipset and we like it. It supports Crossfire and has two PCIe 16X ports.
The first thing you notice about this motherboard is that it is legacy-connector free. Abit tried this game almost two years ago but was forced to return to the old ports. We don’t care about lack of Com port or Parallel ports it was time to lose them. But it is interesting that two PS2 ports are not placed at the corner of a board. The first port in line is ESATA and it is good to see that Abit got support for this nice little gadget. The back panel also features two PS2 ports, four USB 2.0 ports and two Gbit LAN ports. The audio card comes as a riser card. The riser card goes to a riser port placed at the corner of a board. It comes with SPDIF optical out and 5.1 connectors for analogue speaker sets.
All here :http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36558
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why they didnt mention the bad support on bios updates, website with drivers not updated for ages, that the board is useless in an btx position , that it stucks at 450 fsb , that it have highest vdrop on board history?
Dont Ask me...I didnt review it lol.
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